Short Fiction Collections:
This collection includes twenty-six of my short stories, spanning the speculative fiction genres of science fiction, fantasy, and horror.

"The stories in At the Intersection of Love and Death are loaded with heart with some chills mixed in for good measure. This collection is one to savor." - Beth Cato, author of The Clockwork Dagger

Short Fiction (Periodicals & Anthologies):

Already Released:
      Release Pending:
  • "A Drink from the Doubtless Sea"
    • (99 Fleeting Fantasies, release date TBD) 
  • "Murder in A-Flat"
    • (Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine, release date TBD) 
Short Fiction (eBooks):
An 8,600 word baseball mystery novelette.
Mark Feist commits an error, costing his team a place in the World Series. Later that night, he is found dead in the team's locker room. When evidence is found that suggests Feist had gambled on the series, team owner Branson Waters calls on former minor leaguer Chip Rawley to help him find out the truth of what happened to Feist.
A 4,600 word science-fiction short story.
Camilla is beginning her first tour of duty as a crew leader and expects a routine three months on the GT Donald Ademu, a gravity tractor ship assigned to change the trajectory of an asteroid. An unexpected development jeopardizes the lives of Camilla and her crew as well as many other people. She and the two others on-board race to find a solution in "Gravity's Pull."

Non-Fiction (eBooks):
Developing a daily writing routine has the potential to accelerate a writer's development process, but keeping to such a routine comes with certain challenges. Thankfully, overcoming these challenges is possible and Write Every Day shows you how. This book provides helpful tips for establishing and maintaining a daily writing routine based on the author's personal experience. With a little bit of effort, you too will find the time to Write Every Day.

Non-Fiction (Periodicals):

Poetry (Periodicals):
  • "Black Gold"
    • (Bete Noire Issue #9 - November, 2012)