Saturday, March 17, 2018

Some Newish Publications of Newish Stories

So, it's been a while since I've posted anything here. Despite that fact, I have been doing some writing from time to time and have continued sending stories out on submission. I'll have a few posts coming up to highlight some sales/publications; this one focuses on three stories I wrote in early 2017, all of which have since been published.

These stories all came out of an annual flash fiction competition held by the Codex Writers Group. I wrote a total of five stories in the span of a bout a month during that competition and was pleased with all of them. These are the first three to have been published:

"How to Choose" was published by Nature in May of 2017.
"She always asks for two out of three, three out of five. No one ever wins, no one ever loses, and more time trickles past."

"Who Wants to Live Forever?" was published by Daily Science Fiction in July of 2017.
"Which of them had taken the test and been told, like their son, that they were unable to receive the process? That they would forever stay as mortal as the day they were born?"

Finally, "Death Rides Shotgun" was published by Galaxy's Edge earlier this month.
"Joseph took it as a bad sign when he exited the office of the motel he’d stayed in just outside Scipio, Utah, and found Death sitting in the passenger seat of his midnight black convertible Corvette."
I hope you enjoy these stories if you get the chance to read them. Before too long, I plan to write up a post about some recent anthology publications as well as a new publication of a quite old story.