Wednesday, October 23, 2013

October News Update

Again, it's been a while. And for once I'm not feeling particularly prolix, so I'll just give various bits and pieces of news and then be back upon my way.
  • A couple of my stories have been released in the past month. "Embers", a crime story, is in the second volume of short stories published by Plan B. And "Editorial Discretion" was published by Perihelion SF. There doesn't appear to be a way to directly link to the story on Perihelion's site but as of today, it's available on their "Shorter Stories" page.
  • In addition to my ongoing work at Kazka Press, where I edit the monthly flash fiction contests, I am also now on staff at Goldfish Grimm's Spicy Fiction Sushi as co-Editor with Kelly Stiles. The first issue which she and I edited has come out and we've got some cool stories lined up for future months. We're not currently open to submissions, but will be sometime in November. At the moment, we're looking for first reader applications through the end of October, to ensure that we have a good number of people on staff for quick turnaround on submissions.
  • I've had a couple of story sales in the past month or so. "Bedtime Stories" has sold to Lakeside Circus and will be in their inaugural issue and "Lakeside Memories" has sold to Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine. I'm especially excited to be appearing, for the first time, in one of the major digest fiction magazines.
  • I appeared at Context last month and will be at Philcon in the Philadelphia area in early November. If you're going to be at Philcon, make sure to say hello! I'm not on programming at Philcon, since I wasn't sure I would be going until a few weeks back, so I should have plenty of time to socialize.
It seems that there should be more to say, but nothing else in particular is coming to mind. I continue to write and submit and I hope that before long I'll have more good news to share.