Friday, March 1, 2013

My 2013 Convention Schedule

Note: I almost got this convention schedule put together in February like I had planned. All I had to do was finalize one bit of information, but I got sidetracked while I was in the middle of this and never really got back to it. But I'm keeping the stuff about having gotten this done in February just because...
One of my goals for February was to create a 2013 Convention Schedule for myself. Since I'm in the middle of a hyper-productive Tuesday morning (Yes, that's actually a serious statement, no sarcasm at all!) I figured that I should check off another thing from my list and publish said schedule.

So... Here's where I plan to be in 2013. Note that with multiple kids, potential for weekend work hours, etc. any of this could change unless I've noted that I'm committed to be a panelist in which case I'll be there at least for my panels barring a major life issue.
  • Millennicon 27 (March 15-17, Cincinnati): Very tentative. If I go, it will most likely only be for one day and to participate in a release event related to the Sidekicks! anthology in which my story "Learning the Game" appears.
  • Marcon 48 (March 29-31, Columbus): Definite. I am going to be a panelist at Marcon; currently I am signed up for two Saturday afternoon panels. If you're in the area, I hope you'll come by!
  • Confluence (July 19-21, Pittsburgh). Fairly likely. This is a weekend where my current work schedule looks like it wouldn't cause a conflict and it's a fairly short drive. If I can't make this one, I might try to get to something like DucKon or Libertycon.
  • Pulpfest (July 25-28, Columbus): Very likely. This is one I'll be attending more likely than not, though as an attendee, not as a panelist/presenter.
  • Context 26 (September 27-29, Columbus): Very likely. It's here in my hometown, it's a great convention, and a ton of people I know will be there. If I miss this convention, I'll be very disappointed. I intend to sign up to be a panelist here.
  • Philcon 2013 (November 8-10, Philadelphia): Fairly likely. I went to Philcon in 2012 and had a very good time. I'd like to have a chance to catch up with folks like Alex Shvartsman, Anatoly Belilovsky, and Fran Wilde in person. If I can manage the cost and time of a trip that far, I will want to go.

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