Monday, March 11, 2013

"Getting By" is Live at Roar and Thunder

My dystopian science fiction short story "Getting By" is live today at Roar and Thunder.
"Martha watches out the window as she cleans the dishes. It’s half past moonset. Craig will be coming home soon.

She hears the young ones, the twins, arguing as they play in the back room. It’s the bickering kind of arguing, not the harsher kind that escalates into shoves and kicks. She lets it go, thinking of the times she and her sister Stacy fought as children. Thinking, too, that it’s been over a year since she and Stacy talked. Communicating between the colonies and home isn’t cheap.

Craig is coming down the path towards their homestead. His shoulders are hunched, his suit is coated in grime. But when he comes through the door, he has a smile for her."
(read the rest at Roar and Thunder)
There's a little interesting nugget of information relating to this story. It was the last story I wrote in 2011 and, very specifically, it was written on New Year's Eve. This fact may take on additional relevance after you have read the story.

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