Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Three Signs Your Writing Process Might Not Be Working

"Three Signs Your Process Might Not Be Working" is my Wednesday List post on the Write Every Day blog for this week. Since writing process-related items are the sort of thing I've talked about often on this blog in the past, I thought it was a good one to crosspost here.


  1. I enjoyed the article. I can say that I'm hitting all three points. I do wonder about the fun one. I've got several Hemingway quotes in which he complains that it is laborious, difficult, the hardest thing he's ever done...I'm wondering if definitions of fun can vary, or if too much fun might not be conducive to some goals?

    1. Good question. I don't think "work" and "fun" are necessarily antithetical. For example, I would suspect that many professional athletes consider their jobs (in the big picture) "fun" even if some days it feels like hard (even painful) "work."