Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Links: August 26, 2012 Edition

We're down to under a week before the end of the Kickstarter campaign for Unidentified Funny Objects. This is the speculative fiction humor anthology which I've been working on as one of the Associate Editors. We're also down to under a week before the end of the submission period, so if you've got something you want to get in for consideration, please don't delay!

As I mentioned last week, I'm going to be taking a short blogging hiatus in early September. After looking at the calendar and making various plans, I've decided that the hiatus will run from September 1st through 9th. So there will be regular Monday and Thursday posts here on the 27th and 30th of August and then the next post after that will come on September 10th. So, this will be the last Sunday Links post before September 16th. By then, I should have quite a few links which I want to share.

I'll still be writing during that hiatus. In fact, September 1st will mark the first day of a second year of writing every day (Barring anything unexpected happening in the next several days, of course; though, considering all the unexpected things I've dealt with in the past year and still managed to keep to my writing routine, it would have to be a real doozy!)

Related to coming up on this one year anniversary, I'll have an announcement on Thursday. That will be my 365th day of writing every day. Friday, August 31st will be the 366th, given the leap day earlier this year in February. The announcement will be related to my book "Write Every Day."

But that's for Thursday. For now, here are this week's links; I hope that some of them are useful to you.

"Revising to Raise the Stakes" (Aimee L. Salter guest-posting on Janice Hardy's blog The Other Side of the Story) - Aimee talks about significant revisions she did around a novel project to ensure that readers saw the sacrifices her main character was making earlier in the book.

"The Do-It-Yourself Writing Retreat" (Ami Henderson at MuseInks) - Ami describes the plan she set out to have an quasi-retreat feel to several days' work of writing without leaving home. Some details of her specific approach probably would work better for some than for others, but the general concept could probably be adapted by most.

"How to Help Readers See Your World" (Marcy Kennedy) Marcy talks about the importance of using the sense of sight (and balancing it with the other senses) to draw readers into your fiction.

"The Practice of Writing" (John Vorhaus) John talks about strategies which writers can use to ensure that they are using their writing time and efforts to continually improve their work.

Along with those links, here are the items I posted on my blog this week.

"The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction" - Monday, I talked about this venerable science fiction/fantasy periodical, the role it's had in my life, and its most recent issue.

"Writing Process Course Corrections" - Thursday, I wrote about how I feel I've gotten slightly off-track in my writing routines over the past couple of months. I also described my plan to try to get back on track.

As of tomorrow, everyone but me in our house will be back to school for the fall. It's hard to believe that we're at this stage of the year already, but time marches on. Have a fantastic week and best of luck to everyone with your writing!


  1. Thanks for sharing a link to my post.

    I read Aimee's post on revising to raise the stakes (and thought it was excellent), but I haven't yet read the other two. I'll have to check them out :)

    1. Marcy,

      I'm glad you found the one link useful and hope that you liked the other two as well.

  2. Great links as usual! I was just thinking about buying your Write Every Day book...should I wait?

    1. Glad to know that you liked the links.

      The content of "Write Every Day" won't be changing but, yes, you might prefer to purchase it Thursday through Saturday. Not that I'll complain if you just can't wait. :)