Thursday, November 10, 2011

Winning Prompt and Honorable Mention

The winning prompt for the second Iteration of my Call & Response Flash Fiction series was provided by scribblingpencil/Nellie. Thank you for participating -- I'm already thinking about ideas for a story based off your prompt!

The story based on her prompt will be published on Friday November 18th. I'll then be issuing a new call for prompts on Saturday November 19th, so if you want to participate in that round, start thinking about what you might want to prompt me with!

I received a bit of good news in the mail today. Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine runs a monthly contest to write a story (250 words or fewer) based off a photographic prompt. The winner gets their story published and is paid $25. I was not the winner for their October 2011 contest but I am one of the Honorable Mentions for that month's entries. There's no publication or money associated with that but I'll get my name listed in print in the magazine, which is kind of neat. More to the point, it's another way of feeling that I'm moving closer to the type of success I'm hoping for in my writing. Which is a good feeling, indeed!


  1. Thanks again for picking my prompt!

    And congratulations on the Honorable Mention!


  2. Nice work on the honorable mention! It's nice to get some recognition.

  3. Huge congratulations on the honourable mention, Michael. Is the AHMM prompt online or is it in the magazine? Sounds like something I'd like to have a stab at.