Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November Goals Wrap-Up and December Goals

November is coming to a close and December is just a few hours away. As I do each month, I'm reflecting back on the writing goals I set for myself to see how I measure up against them and am working to set new goals for the upcoming month.

Here were my November goals:

1) Write 50,000 words of new fiction. - Done. Total for the month in all was right around 63,000 words of new fiction, 90% of which was my NaNoWriMo first draft.
2) Complete ("win") NaNoWriMo. - Also done.
3) Keep my regular blogging schedule. - As of this posting, done. I tried some new things this month on the blog, not all of them worked as well as I would have hoped (RIP, "Call & Response" Flash Fiction series...) but I kept to my schedule without missing a beat.
4) Write at least one short story of 1000 or more words. - Done. I wrote a few flash pieces during November but also wrote a new 3000 or so word mystery short story which was reviewing by a critique partner, revised, and submitted.

So, four for four. I feel good about that, though I do think that the blog content this month was a bit skimpier than it had been in prior months.

And now, my goals for December...

1) Write and submit a new short story for each weekend in December. (This doesn't mean that I can only write it on the weekends -- just a way of noting that I want to write and submit five new stories on an essentially-weekly basis. Sort of a mini-Write1/Sub1.)
2) Keep my regular blogging schedule with the exception of a possible Christmas weekend hiatus.
3) Make decisions on how to proceed with four stories written earlier this year which are not yet on submission and act on those decisions.
4) Read at least fifty short stories which are new to me.
5) Draft January goals to align with my second pass through "Adrift."

So, basically, December is going to be short story heavy, both in terms of writing and reading before I throw myself back into my 2011 NaNo project in January. Plenty here to keep me busy!

Have you made goals for yourself for December, writing or otherwise? If so, I'd be interested to hear what they are!


  1. Sounds like you did a GREAT job! I love writing short stories and flash fiction!

  2. Thanks, Jase! I hope that you have a good writing month coming up for yourself in December!

  3. Thanks, looking forward to December!