Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Week "Dissecting the Short Story" Preview

We've been very busy with Thanksgiving prep today along with other things, so I'm going to keep this really brief (and just get it in under the wire for Wednesday, to boot).

This week's "Dissecting the Short Story" entry will be for the story "God Bless" by Barbara Westwood Diehl from the January 2012 issue of Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine. If you have the issue and would like to read along, now is the time.

On the NaNoWriMo front, I'm up to nearly 44,000 words and I did manage to get my 500-word minimum in for the day and for my Seinfeld Chain.

For those celebrating Thanksgiving this Thursday I hope that it is a wonderful and safe day.


  1. We don't get it over here. But hope you have an awesome thanksgiving. Xx

  2. Happy Thanksgiving and congrats on keeping up with NaNo!

  3. Thanks for the good wishes, everyone. Just made it past 45,000 on NaNo tonight, Nicole! Woo-hoo!