Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Publication Updates: Two Stories Released & Two Editing Projects

I've been remiss in my blogging lately, so I'm going to hit you all with a bunch of updates over the next few days. Tonight I'm going to cover various short fiction releases and related news.

First off, I've had two stories come out recently. My horror story "Welcome to Blackrock" is in the current issue of Black Treacle, a Canadian online publication. This is also the first time I've mentioned this particular story sale on my blog. I was pleased with the turnaround time from submission to publication with this new site.

Next, I've got a crime story "Three Times a Killer" in the first Plan B anthology. If you have read my self-published story "Levels of Trust", you might want to check out this one since it features the same main character, much earlier in his criminal career.

On the editing front, I've also got two things to share. One is the April release from Kazka Press on the theme of "Changing Seasons." I chose three stories from the submissions received last month. The chosen stories were by Beth Cato, Brynn MacNab, and Amanda M. Hayes. Amanda seems to know how to write a story that resonates with me -- this is the third straight month I've picked one of her stories! And since I read the stories "blind" (that is, I don't know who the authors are) that seems like quite the impressive feat.

Second is the launch tonight of the Kickstarter for Unidentified Funny Objects 2. As you may recall, I was part of the editorial team for last year's Unidentified Funny Objects, the well-reviewed anthology of humorous science fiction and fantasy. I was very pleased with how that anthology turned out and look forward to being a part of the team for this year's edition as well.

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