Thursday, February 21, 2013

Quick February Goal Update

I'm still on hiatus.

If anything, my hiatus has gotten even more hiatus-y. On top of the previously-existing issues I've been navigating, my father-in-law had a medical issue and my wife has been away helping tend to his and her mother's needs.

But I'm still plugging away with things, though still slower than I would like. Here are my goal statuses for February with about 1/4 of the month remaining.
  1. Submit three stories for the first time. - 0 for 3. Really? Yes. Really.
  2. Read twenty-five short stories. - Nicely on the way to this goal. I'm at 20 for the month. Yay!
  3. Develop a convention schedule for the year. - Not done yet. If this slips to March, I won't be too upset.
  4. Reply to all Kazka Press flash fiction submissions by the 24th. - Well on my way to having this done. Will get it done barring a true surprise in my schedule.
  5. Make twenty submissions of non-reprint stories. - I'll either make this or come close. I'm at 15 right now and should be able to get to 20.
So, other than the struggle to actually get new stories out the door, I feel good about how the month has been going. As always, onward!


  1. Wonderful progress for the month. Some things may not be perfect, but you've accomplished quite a bit :-)

  2. You've set priorities, 1) family, 2) writing/editing/reading/subbing, and 3) everything else that can fall between the cracks and crawl up later and be dealt with then.
    Good luck, keep it up-

  3. Thanks, Angela and Eric for stopping by and commenting!