Sunday, December 30, 2012

Editing for Kazka Press

Several of my first published short stories ran at Kazka Press as part of their monthly flash fiction contests and also as the first longer-form story they ran online. Earlier this year, I guest-edited the "Love Beyond Death" flash fiction contest for the site. I'm very pleased to announce that starting with the first of 2013 I will be editing their flash fiction contests every month. (If you'd like to read the full announcement, it's available here.)

I'm very excited about this opportunity and pleased that publisher L. Lambert Lawson felt that I would be a fitting person to continue the work he began with that portion of the site.

The two submission calls already announced for January and February submissions will be the first two I will be editing. Those are:

  • January: An Undelivered Valentine (submissions due 1/20/13)
  • February: Spring Training (submissions due 2/20/13)
So I'd encourage you to consider those themes and submit stories of 713-1000 words for consideration!


  1. Congrats, Michael! Kazka is a great market. I'm sure you'll eventually see a story or two or mine your way.

    1. Thanks, J. W.! I hope that we do get some submissions from you along the way.