Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Links: September 23, 2012 Edition

Kind of a quiet week on the writing front. I've spent a fair amount of time reading stories for the Kazka Press 713 Flash Fiction Contest and will be making my final selections there in the very near future.

Speaking of final selections, the Unidentified Funny Objects anthology table of contents has been announced in the past several days. Lots of good stories in it; if you didn't pre-order during the Kickstarter, there will be opportunities to buy it later this year.

Here are this week's writing-related links; I hope that some of them are useful to you.

"A Reminder" (Matthew Sanborn Smith at The One-Thousand) - Matthew reminds writers (and other creative types) that it's possible for the perfect to be the enemy of the good. Yes, it's good to want your work to be excellent and yes, it's good to work at improving over time. But insisting on perfection before you complete something is chasing an illusion.

"Don't Forget to Back Up!" (Simon Kewin at Write 1 Sub 1) - Simon provides all sorts of options around creating backups of your writing files. This is really important -- if you don't have any sort of backup for the fiction (or whatever else) you have written

"The Subtle Knife: Writing Characters Readers Trust But Shouldn't" (Stina Lindenblatt) - Stina looks at how to create untrustworthy characters without leaving readers feeling cheated.

Along with those links, here are the items I posted on my blog this week.

"Monday #writemotivation Goal Check" - Monday I updated my status on this month's goals. In brief: poor.

"Writerly Growing Pains" - My main Thursday blog post was about how I've been feeling a bit out of sorts lately with my writing. I think that in part I've hit a certain stage where I'm more able to be aware of when something I'm writing isn't working well than I used to be. Which is a good thing, at least in principle, but can mean that it's a bit harder to feel good about my work than it has been at some other times.

"Short Story Publication: "Consequences" at Fiction and Verse" - A short blog post about a very short story of mine which was published earlier this week.

Have a great week everyone!

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