Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Links: July 8th, 2012 Edition

Another busy week around here both in terms of keeping up with my daily writing routine and in terms of non-writing parts of my life. I ended up having to reschedule my revision day away from this past Friday since I had another (fun and important, but time-consuming) obligation for another weekday around the same time and I couldn't justify scheduling two days off work in such a short span of time. I'll look to try to fit my revision day in sometime soon, though, since I really do want to try to get some of these stories cleaned up and ready to go out to the door.

Here are the links I've collected for this week. If you've come across a recent link which you'd like to share, please mention it in the comments, as I always love seeing new and interesting information about writing and fiction in general.

This week's links are past the jump...

"Mad Love to Your Beta Reader" (Tameri Etherton) - A good post about why beta readers are helpful for writers.

"The Care and Feeding of Your Assassin-Self" (Fran Wilde) - How to handle that annoying voice that tells you you're not good enough.

"Masters of the Controverse: Why Authors Should Speak Their Minds" (James Sutter at Inkpunks) - James urges writers to not be afraid to say what they really believe on controversial topics and provides good reasoning for his argument. I admit that I tend to shy away from political topics on-line, though I've done that even before I started tweeting as a writer. I don't know that James's post will necessarily convince me to change my ways on that, though it certainly has done something to take away one of the rationalizations I use when deciding to hold my tongue/fingers.

"When Something's Not Quite Right With a Scene" (Elizabeth S. Craig at Mystery Writing is Murder) - Elizabeth talks about an approach she used recently when all of the other ways she tries to diagnose a troublesome scene weren't getting her to where she wanted to be.

"Craft Books for Fantasy Writers" (The Enchanted Inkpot) - A great list of books that writers of fantasy might want to read to help them improve their craft.

"7 Ways to Give Away Your Power" (Rachelle Gardner) - A list of ways not to behave if you don't want to be giving away the inherent power you have in your career and life.

Along with those links, here are the items I posted on my blog this week:

"Can Praise Be Damaging?" - Monday's post arose out of a discussion on my Write Every Day blog and ended up having a very lively discussion of its own in the comment section. It's definitely worth taking time to look at the reader comments on this post!

"Leaving it All on the Page: Guest Post on Alex Shvartsman's Blog" - Tuesday I provided an excerpt from and a link to the guest post I made on Alex Shvartsman's blog.

"WED Post: Three Ways to Keep Yourself Motivated to Write Every Day" - Wednesday I linked to a post from my Write Every Day blog.

"Four Ways to Prime the Idea Pump" - Thursday, I talked about four ways to get yourself writing if you're feeling low on ideas.

And over on the Write Every Day blog today I interview Kathleen S. Allen about her writing process and career.

Have a great week!


  1. Hi Michael,

    Thanks so much for the mention on your blog! Glad you found the link helpful. And thanks to you for rounding up resources to help writers.

    1. You're very welcome. Thank you for stopping by and commenting!

  2. Thank you so much for the shout out! You've got way too many great links here ~ I'm looking forward to catching up on those I missed. Sorry it took me so long to get over here ~ crazy week!

    1. You're quite welcome, Tameri! I hope that you find something useful for you in the links. Thank you for stopping by!