Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Paying it Forward... Liebster Awards

Last week Angela Brown bestowed the Liebster Award to me and four other bloggers. What is the Liebster Award? "The basic idea of the Liebster Award is to showcase bloggers with less than 200 followers." The name, though it may put pulp and science fiction fans in mind of Murray Leinster, is derived from a German term for a close friend.

The tradition with the Liebster Award is to pass it along to five other blogs and I'm doing that today. I am apparently not yet "hip" to how I can determine which blogs have fewer than 200 followers. Unless they had a Google Reader box showing follower count, I was clueless. But I did try to find blogs which didn't appear to be flooded with existing reader comments. Tricky, in the midst of this Platform-Building Campaign!  :)

Without further ado, the Liebsters go to...
Brenda Stokes Barron's Digital Inkwell
Rance Denton's The Action P(r)ose
Barbara McDowell's Life Can't Drive 55
Angela Orlowski-Peart's Cheerios and Pearls Necklace Stories
Karen Woodward's A Blog About Writing

These are all blogs which I've enjoyed reading. In addition, each of these bloggers has an active presence on Twitter. I encourage you to check out their blogs, Tweets, or both.


  1. YAY! These sound like some great blogs to check out. It's blogger-follow time!

  2. Thanks Michael! I am honored! I enjoy reading your blog as well. It is a regular stop for each post. :-) Happy campaigning!

  3. Wow! Thanks Michael! And what a great idea. I'll have fun passing this award along.

    So far (don't want to jinx anything!) the indie writing community has been the most helpful, supportive, community I've been a part of in ... well, a very long time! Thanks again!

  4. Congratulations on the award, Michael! You deserve it!

  5. Barbara and Karen, you are quite welcome. I've enjoyed both of your blogs. And I agree that the online writing community that I've seen this last month+ has been very supportive.

    Marlena, thanks!

  6. Congrats and good luck with the campaign. :D

  7. Congratulations on the award Michael! I'm a fellow campaigner in your short stories group dropping by to say 'hi'. Pleased to meet you.

  8. Thanks for stopping by, Debbie! See you around the campaign. :)