Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Links : August 21, 2011 Edition

It's Sunday again!  I hope that everyone is feeling good about their last week of writing. If you're not, though, it's a new week and you can start with a mental clean slate!

Sunday also means that it's link day on my blog. Here are several links to articles I've read in the last week that I thought others might enjoy or learn from:

"Day Job Schmay Job" (By Anna Banks) - A realistic (and sobering) account of considerations that writers who've had an initial taste of success need to consider before they quit their day job.

"How Outlining is Like Parenting" (Pen to Publish: Natalie C. Markey) - Relating lessons learned from trying to plan daily life as a parent to trying to plan your writing via an outlining.

"How to Blog Like a Funny, Children's Book, YA, Science Fiction, Fantasy Writer" (Shevi) - An absolutely fantastic article on how to go about building an author blog. I'm going to be referring back to this one a lot, I can tell.

"5 More Ways to Kill a Sentence" (Grammar Divas) - Nice reminders of little writing gotchas that you want to catch before sending anything out for publication.

"Three Ways to Write For Yourself" (Jeff Goins, Writer) - "To thine own self, be true" may be old advice, but that doesn't mean it's not still valid. Jeff talks about why it's important to write for yourself and how to go about doing it.

Additionally, here's a recap of the posts from this week on my blog:

"Only a Paper Moon?" - Keeping readers believing in the fictional world you're creating.

"Coming Attraction: Dissecting the Short Story 'Hostage Situation' by Dave Zeltserman" - An introduction to the "Dissecting the Short Story" series.

"Dissecting the Short Story 'Hostage Situation' by Dave Zeltserman" - Analyzing the construction of this recently-published short story (in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine) to see what we, as writers, can learn from it.

"Making Peer Pressure Your Friend" - How peer pressure can be a positive force in your life.

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