Monday, July 8, 2013

Nominations Open for the 2013 Million Writers Award

The 2013 Million Writers Award nomination period has opened. This award is for stories over 1000 words in length which had their first-ever publication in an online venue with an editorial process during the year 2012. (Full rules are here.)

Editors of online publications can nominate three stories. Everyone else can nominate a single story. The nomination form is here.

Here are my stories from 2012 which are eligible for the award. I'd certainly be thrilled if you were to see fit to use your nomination for one of these stories:


  1. If I wasn't a greedy and selfish man who already nominated one of my own stories, I would totally nominate "Scraps."

    1. Well hopefully someone else will do so and allow you to no longer feel remorse over your decision. ;-)