Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Links: November 25, 2012 Edition

I'll be posting my December goal list tomorrow and November goal results Thursday. The results aren't going to look terribly impressive, I'm afraid as November has not been the most productive month for me.  Being out of town for nearly an entire week did more to disrupt my schedule than I had realized it would. Couple that with a major holiday and some other family members traveling during the month and I've struggled to get as much done as I would like. But as I've commented before, a bad month or two here or there isn't going to be a huge obstacle in the grand scheme of things for a potentially decades-long writing "career."

On the plus side, I feel very good about the time I spent at Philcon and visiting writing friends before and after the convention. I also feel good about the fact that I've been able to pick back up with writing even after having taken some days explicitly away from doing actual writing. Having not taken a single day away from writing for over a year, I had a bit of (perhaps irrational) concern that I would have trouble getting back into a routine. So far, so good.

Only a couple of links for this holiday week along with a link to my own one blog post from this week:

"The #1 Rule of Everything" (Guest Post by Scott Stewart at SFWA) - A very apropos blog post for the month I've had in terms of not coming as close to some of my goals as I would like. For the most part, I generally manage to follow the guidance here to cut myself some slack and to not obsess over stumbles along the writing road. But it's still good to read it and be reminded of this.

"Foreshadowing" (Patricia C. Wrede) - Fantasy novelist Patricia C. Wrede talks about different kinds of foreshadowing and how and why they are used in fiction in this post.

Along with those links, here is my blog post for this week:

"Award Season Begins" - Monday I wrote up some thoughts about the start of the science fiction and fantasy fiction awards season which began recently with the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America opening up nominations for 2013 Nebula Awards. I also put up a preliminary page with short fiction I had particularly enjoyed from 2012. My own Nebula nominations will end up coming from that list.

And one bonus post: My interview with Alexis A. Hunter on the Write Every Day blog.

NaNoWriMo is down to its final week. If you're still chasing down words for a NaNo project, good luck! And, regardless of what you are working on, happy writing this week!

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