Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Links & The Week in #storyeachnight: April 22, 2012 Edition

It's been a nicely-hectic week on the writing front here. I'm very pleased with both my sale to Goldfish Grimm's Spicy Fiction Sushi and the experience of turning my short story "Gravity's Pull" into my first self-published eBook.

A quick reminder that the next week or so will see the publication of this month's Dissecting the Short Story entry. If you want to read the featured story in advance, you can check out Ken Liu's "Memories of My Mother" online.

Two weeks in a row I've managed to keep up every day with #storyeachnight. Here are this week's entries:

4/15 - "213 Myrtle Street" by Beth Cato from Flash Fiction Online. A fun short about a sentient house with a neat little surprise near the end.
4/16 - "A Nice Neighbourhood" by Kate Ellis from the 5/11 EQMM. A twisty little crime story
4/17 - "Missionaries" by Mercurio D. Rivera from the 6/12 ASIMOV'S. As the title suggests, much philosophy/religious discussion. I liked the character details quite a bit though on 1st reflection I didn't find the end particularly satisfying.
4/18 - "Free Range" by Bruce McAllister from the 6/12 ASIMOV'S. Bizarrely humorous. I literally laughed aloud.
4/19 -  "Forget You" by Marc Laidlaw from LIGHTSPEED.
4/20 - "One Angry Julius Katz and Eleven Befuddled Jurors" by Dave Zeltserman from the 6/12 EQMM. A fun Katz & Archie story, glad to read a new one.
4/21 - "Fata Morgana" by Ray Cluley in INTERZONE 238. A fascinating world, "fantasy" only in that it isn't ours.

Now, here are this week's writing-related links:
"How I Get Back Up When I Fall Down" (Carrie Cuinn) - Carrie writes about things she does when she's gotten out of the habit of working on writing tasks as much as she would like to. I thought this was a fantastic list of tips for anyone who has lost momentum and wants to get it back.

"The Strange Tale of the Rejected Acceptance" (S. R. Mastrantone at The Written Absurd) -When you get the "Congratulations, we want to publish your story" letter your work isn't over. There's still the contract to be read, understood, and -- hopefully -- signed. This is one case where an author decided that the terms a publication offered him were so onerous that he ended up declining their acceptance.

"Writing Without Thinking" (Jay Lake) - Jay's article about unconscious competence made for a great read. I'm nowhere near that point yet, but I can see that I'm closer to it now than I was when I started. This gives me every reason to believe I'll make it to that point, at least at some level, someday.

"Robert B. Parker: We Like the Way It Sounds" (Lawrence Block) - Lawrence Block is one of my favorite writers and this post on Parker and musings about an author's "voice" was an interesting read.

"Taming the Dreaded Synopsis" (Jane Lebak at - For those working on novels, this article about writing a synopsis for a query package made for interesting reading.

Finally, here's a recap of the posts from this week on my blog:

"Rejection Relics" - Monday I pulled out some of my old rejection slips from my days as a teenaged writer. A little trip down memory lane.

"Quick April Goals Update" - Wednesday I gave a quick status on my April goals.

"Short Story Sale: 'Twenty-Seven Rules for Coping'" - Thursday, I announced my sale to Goldfish Grimm's Spicy Fiction Sushi. I'm very excited to see this story come out on their site and be able to share it with readers.

"'Gravity's Pull' eBook Live on Amazon" - Finally, on Friday I posted a brief announcement about my first ever eBook, a 4600-word science fiction short story titled "Gravity's Pull." Look on my blog in coming weeks for information about the process I went through to publish this story.

Best of luck to everyone with their writing goals for the week!

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  1. Hi Michael! Popped over here from Twitter. Congratulations on the short story sale. I'll look forward to reading it.

    A-Z @ Elizabeth Twist