Thursday, March 29, 2012

Revision Day New Words Waiver

Thursday 3/29 is the day which I've made as my "revision day", as defined in my March monthly goals.
"Have a short story revising day where I get at least three stories into a form where I am ready to send them out for beta or submission."
I'm giving myself a one day waiver from my daily writing chain. If I meet that goal, getting three stories ready to go on to their next "level", then I'll check off my "500 words" box in my chain for the day. Of course, Friday, it's right back to the new words routine but this will be a little reward for getting a lot of work done on stories which need some attention.

I'll put up a post late Thursday or on Friday to let you all know how Revising Day 1.0 goes for me. Wish me luck!


  1. So true... It's hard to put in the effort for the new words when the reality of the old ones are hanging over your head.

    Next time I'm hiring an editor! LOL

    1. See, I have the bigger problem sometimes of wanting to move forward with something new instead of going back to something old. I know this is a bad habit and, since I've gotten something like 90% of my stuff out on submission, I'm obviously not doing horribly with it.

      But it's still something I could improve upon.

      Thanks for your comment!